Identify Struggling Students + Reach Out in Real Time

Stop Losing Students

Why focus so hard on recruiting students, only to drop the ball when it comes to keeping them enrolled? With online courses, it's even easier for students to slip between the cracks. PULSE gives you the deep classroom analytics you need to identify struggling students in real time so you can reach out, before they drop out.

Spot Stragglers

Track individual student progress down to each micro interaction

Reach Out

One click contact access to reach out to struggling students

Big Data, Simple Dashboard

We package all student information into simple, intuitive dashboards

Simple Integration

We have turn key integrations with the most popular LMS systems

Drive Revenue

A lost student is lost revenue. Keep them engaged for their sake, and yours

Identify Trends

Find out which courses are historically difficult and lead to dropouts

Measure Student Vital Signs

When is the last time a student logged into the LMS? Honestly, would you even know? Are you waiting for midterms to spot the stagglers? PULSE monitors real time course engagement so we know the exact moment a student falls behind or goes inactive. There is a critical time window to reach out to students and get them re-engaged before they're gone for good, don't ever miss it again.

Connect Students to the Right Resource

Depending on your organizational structure and resources, our flexible permission settings let the right person, whether it's the faculty member, an academic counselor, or even a fellow classmate reach out to struggling students to help them get back on track.

How to Get Started

Getting Started with PULSE in 3 Easy Steps

Sign up for Account

Proceed to the bottom of this page, send us a message, and we'll get back to you immediately with access to all of our documentation and installation libraries.

Select your LMS

Select from our Blackboard Learn Building Block, Canvas Integration, Moodle, or Sakai for one click installations. Custom integrations available.

Watch the Data Flow

Once integrated with PULSE, you will start seeing real time course engagement analytics flow to your dashboard.