We Help Schools Identify, Prioritize, and Facilitate Student Outreach

Analytics Without Action is Pointless

Most analytics products are good at producing complex risk scores that predict a student's liklihood of success or failure. But when it comes to providing guidance and direction for how to prioritize and take action on the data to improve student success, numbers and statiscal models don't go far enough. What does 67% at risk mean? What about 32%? Should I reach out to these students? What do I say, if anything, to those 1% at risk? 98%? PULSE Analytics doesn;t just throw statistics at you and expect you to know what to do next; we humanize the math, tell you in plain language why you should reach out, and give you a friction-free communication channel to engage and keep track of conversations.

Spot Students

Track individual student progress down to each micro interaction

Prioritize Outreach

We curate students we think you should reach out to and tell you why

Understand Why

Go beyond an opaque risk score and understand the specific reasons behind it

Simple Integration

We have turn key integrations with the most popular LMS systems

Drive Revenue

A lost student is lost revenue. Keep them engaged for their sake, and yours

Conversation Platform

Whether it's your college or our team reaching out, we streamline and track all conversations for you

Measure Student Vital Signs

How is a student performing compared to their peers? Are you waiting for midterms to spot the stagglers? PULSE Analytics monitors real time course engagement so we know the exact moment a student falls behind or goes inactive. There is a critical time window to reach out to students and get them re-engaged before they're gone for good, don't ever miss it again. And keep in mind you don't just have to reach out to at risk students, consider the impact of reaching out to improving students, or your top performers and sending them a congratulatory note on a job well done.

Intelligent Outreach

Explaining to a student exactly why you are reaching out to them not only increases their response rate, it shows them someone actually cares about their progress. By humanizing data and statistics, we're able to drive meaningful conversations that improve student outcomes and affinity for your institution.

How to Get Started

Getting Started with PULSE Analytics in 3 Easy Steps

Sign up for Account

Proceed to the bottom of this page, send us a message, and we'll get back to you immediately with access to all of our documentation and installation libraries.

Select your LMS

Select from our Blackboard Learn Building Block, Canvas Integration, Moodle, or Sakai for one click installations. Custom integrations available.

Watch the Data Flow

Once integrated with PULSE Analytics, you will start seeing real time course engagement analytics flow to your dashboard.